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Why palm oil farmland for investment

High Demand

Palm oil is in high demand globally due to its various uses in food, cosmetic and bio fuel, creating opportunities for profitable investments.

High Returns

Palm oil trees have a high yield, producing more oil per unit of land compared to other oil crops giving High Returns on Low Investment

Processing Industry

Indian government has a special national mission to reduce palm oil imports, providing great infrastructure and support for palm oil cultivators 

Tax Free Returns

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Project Highlights

Managed Farm



Agri Scientists

Agri Experts

Red Soil

Plenty of Water

Investment Comparison

Investment Type Before Tax Returns After Tax Returns (30% income bracket)
Dragon Agricultural Income 12%-25% 12%-25% (Tax Free)
Residential Rental Income 3%-5% 2.1% -3.5%
Commercial Rental Income 4% - 8% 2.8% - 5.6%
Mutual Fund 8% - 14% 5.6% - 9.8%
Fixed Deposit 6% - 8% 4.2% - 5.6%

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Location Highlights

  • Lake - Nearby.
  • National Highway - 15 mins.
  • Nellore - 90 Mins.
  • Kaligiri Town - 20 Mins.
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Inspired From Experts

Subhash Palekar

Padma Shri awardee Mr, Subhash Palekar a remarkable Indian agriculturist studied Natural processes of farming for six years.

There were about 154 research projects during these six years of work, he practiced zero budget Natural farming, Natural Farming and conducted many workshops all over India promoting natural farming . Known for his notable work "Holistic spiritual farming” In 2017 he was appointed as the advisor of the state of Andhra Pradesh for encouragement of natural farming Modern agriculture types.


Mekapothula Vijay ram an agriculturist also inspired from real time problems decided to Address the need of the hour. He wanted to bring back the charm of traditional farming and Hence put efforts in understanding the process behind farming and served people with his experience He later teamed up with Sri Subash palekar to fight against environmental hazards and they together have started many projects conserving nature like save water , rejuvenating forest cover etc.

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